Contribution at work advises entrepreneurs, directors, leaders, human resources managers on how to best organise the natural flow of energy in their organisation.

The application of the contribution at work organisation and motivation design method provides leadership teams with simple and pragmatic solutions to integrate the contribution mindset into the normal work practice, organise to provide space to people to contribute and enable the natural flow of energy.

Companies need direction, targets, key indicators to keep track of what the company had set out to create.

The contribution at work approach won’t replace that. It just leads you to start from contribution first and establish progress measurement on the basis of that.

contribution at work

Advises companies that want to make the shift to a contribution based organisation model.

Investigates to what extent the company has organised itself to enable the contribution approach and natural energy flow.

Advises on improvements.

Facilitates the process to define contributions at organisation and employee level. The better the fit, the better the flow.

Focuses on profit and not for profit companies with 100 employees and upward.