Contribution at Work offers a systematic approach to organization improvement, starting with understanding the current situation, tailored interventions based on the contribution at work philosophy and implementation monitoring which in many cases leads to substantial and sustainable increase in productivity, creativity and resilience. In addition to a holistic organization improvement program, the following products/modules are on offer.

Work Space Creation module
This module aims to effectively and sustainably improve autonomy and work space. The module starts with understanding of the underlying causes. The tailored improvement plan will focus on interventions that have most yield. This module is also very suitable for organisations that already have implemented forms of self-management and want to bring that to the next level. (job crafting can be one of the tools that are used to make improvements but this is not necessarily the place to start).

Feedback Management module
Examples of formal feedback management processes are staff appraisal, performance management and staff engagement. But feedback management is much more comprehensive. It concerns all the ways in which employees and managers provide feedback to each other, both formally and informally. In this module we first look at the effectiveness of the existing processes. Effective and contemporary recommendations are made for improvement.

Work and Meaningfulness
Understanding the meaning of your own contribution to your team, organization and society generates positive energy and motivation. To not understand the meaning or lack of recognition of your contribution will drain energy and causes ‘making the effort’ to become very difficult. This module looks at the meaning of work at all levels: self, team, organization and society.

Also available for project work and interim management.