why contribute?

Modern motivation theory tells us that people want to contribute. People are motivated. You do not need to force them.

To contribute to something that is of value to us, gives purpose to our lives. A long term goal. A direction to go. It gives a lot of energy and it helps to put things in perspective when not all is going as desired. This is the reason why people that operate from a contribution mindset are so powerful.

When we choose to contribute, we realise that we cannot create value alone. Working with others generates synergies, we share intelligence, it creates economies of scale. It helps us to survive and to adjust when things get tough. Together we will enjoy the journey and have fun!  We experience together that what we do gives purpose to our lives.

When we choose to contribute, we realise that the outcome will be different than had set out for ourselves. It is a balanced outcome for all.

When we contribute, we generate a natural positive flow of energy.

And yet, we see people behave differently in organisations or that despite all good intentions, working together is difficult. Often managers blame people. However, if what science is telling us about motivation is true, one wonders what else is happening here. These kinds of situations ask for appointments and fit for purpose organization.

When we organise from the mental model that people want to contribute and that all contributions count, people will feel they matter and will be more willing to put in the extra mile. And we make effective use of the natural positive flow of energy to achieve organization goals and to be agile when necessary.

In doing so, it is not about winning and losing, it is about adjusting to circumstance